We depend upon local farms…

We learned everything we know about produce, literally, from the “ground” up, working at local farms, planting, harvesting, and caring about quality and flavor. We took good notes, and noticed details about how different varieties of produce reacted to soil conditions, microclimate, and irrigation. We asked a lot of questions. We cultivated a healthy curiosity about storage, too, and how temperature and humidity affect the quality of vegetables. This led to our decision to focus on ordering only from farms that can deliver quickly, often within 24 hours. That’s why we tell our customers that they have a “home field advantage,” because the growers’ fields are near their home.

For example, we may order lettuce from the grower who will cut fresh from the fields that day. Later the lettuce gets washed, packed and hydrocooled that afternoon and then gets delivered the next morning.  The tomatoes we purchase are vine-ripened, which minimizes inventory loss while maximizing flavor for our customers.

In the off-season we rely upon a network of local trucking companies to bring the same quality and freshness from Florida, not in the same 24-30 hours from the fields, but in less than three days. With the close relationship with our growers, we can ensure that the fruits and vegetables you pick up in our store looks–and tastes– like it just came out of the fields!

Home Field Advantage

We obtain our produce in season from nearby farms in New Jersey, the Hudson Valley, and Pennsylvania. Travel time is minimal and optimum flavor is guaranteed!